The Langston Hughes Project with Malcolm-Jamal Warner and the Ron McCurdy Quartet

The Langston Hughes Project is Professor Ron McCurdy’s brilliant 21st century realization of American icon Langston Hughes’ creative masterpiece, the epic twelve-part jazz poem “Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz”: a homage in verse and music to the 1960’s struggle for artistic and social freedom.

The Langston Hughes Project

Embodying Langston Hughes at His Best

A multimedia concert performance of Hughes’ kaleidoscopic jazz poem, Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz, which features Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Cosby Show) and the Ron McCurdy Quartet. Ask Your Mama is Hughes’ homage in verse and music to the struggle for artistic and social freedom in America and abroad at the beginning of the 1960s.

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There are several options for the role of the narrator; this could be performed by a previous Langston Hughes Project collaborator such as Ice-T, Professor Ron McCurdy himself, or potentially a local celebrity.

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“…a raging, inspired revival that would make Langston Hughes proud…Ask Your Mama is as relevant today as it was in 1960.”  –The Guardian

“…the kind of concert that could help jazz find a way of connecting with an audience for whom Duke Ellington is as alien as Baron Munchausen…McCurdy was a genial host, part preacher, part ringmaster…Meanwhile, the pianist Yuma Sung drew the audience into a gentle call-and-response routine over a blues vamp. Performers and public became one. Hughes would have approved of that.” – The Times


“Although interweaving of verse, music and images is not unusual these days, few [Ron McCurdy] have created such a poignant, eloquent and exceptionally soulful work. Unquestionably, wider exposure and many more presentations around the country are in order.” – Chris Walker, Jazz Times UK on Ron McCurdy’s Multi-media Masterpiece – JazzTimes Magazine

Experience an emotionally infused multi-media performance

Experience an emotionally infused multimedia performance that is “intellectually stimulating and musically electrifying!” -Lillian U. Harder, Director at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, Clemson University

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Join our list of successful programming at these colleges- Skirball Cultural Center, Carnegie Hall, University of Nebraska, Arizona State University, Cal Poly University, University of Southern California.

Expose your audience to the world of blues, gospel, boogie woogie, and much more!

Expose your audience to the wonderful world of blues, gospel songs, boogie woogie, bebop, Afro-Cuban mambo music, German lieder, West Indian calypso, and African drumming!

Explore a significant moment in our cultural history.

Explore the moment in our cultural history which bridges the Harlem Renaissance, the post World War II Beat writers’ coffeehouse jazz poetry world, and the looming Black Arts performance explosion of the 1960s.